Eastern Poland is a unique region – not only does it combine a clean environment, tourist and high-quality products of the food industry, but also it is a place where high-tech manufacturing and service companies operate.

Companies from Eastern Poland have always been known for their professionalism and highly qualified staff. These features have been in the years 2004-2015 complemented by the implementation of new manufacturing technologies (thanks to EU grants ). Investments in this area usually were focused on the highest quality products and services and on the increase of production capacity. Capital expenditures incurred meant that the level of technological advancement does not differ from the leaders of world markets, but often exceeds them. In recent years, companies increasingly investing in the development of machinery and R & D departments, where they form and develop their own technologies and new products, often outdistancing them thanks to competition.

On the other hand, the companies from Eastern Poland are often small companies, which are characterized by creativity, flexibility and fast pace of adaptation to the changing needs of the market.

All these aspects-advanced machine facilities, development of its own technological thinking and professional staff make the company from Easter Poland have a high potential for growth and export and an increasingly desirable business partner for foreign entities.